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Teaching & Memberships

Graduate seminars designed and taught in the following subject areas:

Leadership, Management, and Organizations:

* Executive Leadership and Management
* Strategic Planning and Management
* Managerial Analysis and Communication
* Administrative Planning and Control Systems
* Administrative Functions of Local Government
* Public Organizations and Management
* Theory, Ethics and Practice in Public Service
* Policy Analysis for Management
* Local Government Configurations and Operations

Finance and Budgeting:

* Management Policies in Local Government Finance
* Budgeting and Financial Management
* Local Government Finance
* Local Government Finance Skills
* Municipal Finance Administration
* Public Budgeting
* Public Budgeting Techniques and Processes
* Public Finance Administration
* Fiscal Management for Local Government
* Government Accounting and Auditing
* Public Finance and Budgeting

Basics of Public Administration:

* American Government and Politics
* Public Policy Analysis
* Written Case Analysis
* Seminar in Public Affairs
* Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
* Foundations of Public Policy and Administration
* Local and Regional Government
* Introduction to Public Administration
* Intergovernmental Administration
* Intergovernmental Relations
* Principles of Public Administration

Other Seminars:

* City Planning and Urban Process
* Political Analysis for Management
* Communities and Social Change
* Contemporary Issues in Public Administration
* Problems of Metropolitan Areas
* Research Techniques and Applications
* Urban Politics
* Urban and Regional Economic Development
* Personnel Administration and Collective Bargaining
* Independent Research and Study

Colleges and Universities

California State University
Capella University
Central Connecticut State University
Charter Oak State College
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Golden Gate University
Rutgers University
Southern Connecticut State University
University of California
University of Connecticut
University of New Haven



Practitioner in Residence
Distinguished Adjunct Professor


Adjunct Professor
Distinguished Adjunct Professor
Legacy Leader Instructor
Practitioner in Residence
Professional in Residence
Professorial Lecturer
Senior Adjunct Professor
Visiting Lecturer
Visiting Scholar

Professional Memberships

* Academy of Political Science
* American Society for Public Administration
* Government Finance Officers Association
* International City/County Management Association
* International Town and Gown Association
* National Civic League
* Pi Alpha Alpha
* U. S. Association for the Club of Rome
* World Future Society

Educational Memberships

* Member, Alumni Association,
Long Beach City College
* Life Member, Alumni Association,
San Diego State University
* Member, Alumni Association,
Golden Gate University
* Member, Alumni Association,
Harvard University