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Consulting-Speaking Services

Consulting-Speaking Services

Dr. Roger L. Kemp provides needed public-sector speaking topics, police services, financial consulting services, and professional speaking services to public officials in local governments throughout the nation. These services include but are not limited to, those services that relate to state-of-the-art police services and management practices, such as those listed below.

- Citizen Advisory Police Commissions


- Citizen Police Commissions

- City Council Police Committees


- Coffee With A Cop Programs


- Neighborhod Police Offices


- Neighborhood Police Officers


- Pizza With The Police Programs


- Police Community Forums


- Police Financial Controls


- Police Recruitment Practices


- School Resources Officers


- Youth Police Services

- Other Special Assignments

Dr. Kemp is also an internationally recognized speaker. He has spoken at state and national conferences in the United States, and has spoken at conferences of local government professionals in countries throughout the world. Some of the topics that he talks about are highlighted below for your information.

- America's Public Infrastructure

- Budgets and Politics

- Economic Development

- Eminent Domain Services

- Enterprise Funds

- Financial Management

- Forms of Local Government

- Ways to Hold Down Taxes

- Local Government Charters

- Municipal Enterprise Funds

- Elected Officials and Management Staff

- Public Service User Fees and Charges

- Working with the Unions

- Other Selected Topics and Subjects

Roger's background and professional skills are highlighted on this website. Dr. Kemp has many years of experience as a city manager in politically, economically, socially, and ethnically diverse communities on both coasts of the United States. Call or e-mail Roger for a brochure about his consulting company.

Dr. Kemp's contact information is provided below.

- Consulting Website: http://www.RogerKemp.org/

- E-Mail Address: rogerlkemp46@gmail.com

- Telephone: (203) 686-0281

- Mailing Address:

    Dr. Roger L. Kemp, PhD
    The Village at Kensington Place
    511 Kensington Ave., Suite 306
    Meriden, CT  06451-2073

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